“Flipping the Script/Rewrites” by The Boy

Sometimes you don’t want to flip to the next chapter. You know the plot to this story before.
Late bills.
A lost loved one.

And so on…

You can’t change where this is all going to end up, so you try to give in and wreck yourself any way you can. The world, as usual, will always give you a hand with that.

You have that feeling that your happy ending doesn’t exist…

If you wanted to…
I mean if you really wanted to…
You could rewrite your path.

The resolution may be inevitable but maybe you could find your piece of mind in the face of your personal frustrations…at least that is what I hope and pray that you do.

I’m in the middle of a rewrite as well. But in my book, we are all main characters so that we can face the villain together.

He can’t beat all of us…

“One” is the only happy ending I can conceive of.

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