“Mr Witty” by The Lost Child

The plan was to wow them with my razor sharp intellect and daze them towards my corrupted web. But I found out that my mental weapons were dulled and corroded.

I let my dissectors of the psyche grow weaker with every distraction that seeped into my sense of self. I replaced who I was with outside concepts, beliefs, and opinions.

How could I let myself get so weak?

I am The Lost Child. I’ve destroyed civilizations. I tore families apart. I can make any human being lose any sense of self worth. And here I was falling victim to my own destructive powers!

I have to focus my wit. I have to repair my blades of greed. My shield of envy. My armor of gluttony.

I am the world defined, my namesake the essence of Man. How dare I change my stance and give into Hope, the destroyer of my wit…

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