The Sun That Blazes

Rachel Fairs by Vladimir Rikowski

“My nose belongs…”- Rachel Fairs

They tell me to run with it. My nose tells me to run with it.

My dad always told me to never value anyone’s face until you’ve dug enough.

I wasn’t too sure I wanted to become a journalist even though he lived his life for it.

My memory was never the best; my childhood is basically Swiss cheese.

Not too many people got past my face, especially the guys who would constantly try to date me.

My daddy’s newspaper, The Blazing Sun, put New Jersey on the map.

(Yes, I know about Springsteen.)

I keep trying to pinpoint what made me change my mind about this profession.

Was my dad that much of an influence?

Was it the path of least resistance?

Job security?

But I can’t help but to keep coming back to my memory.

How can someone so young be so terrible at remembering things?

The doctors say I’m normal, so it’s not a physical issue.

I guess I figured at some point if I got good at being nosy, focusing on the details of life, it would all come back to me.

Who knows? Crazier logic have worked for other people.


Duel of the Fates 1

Lingering, Long Haired Lacerators

Their child that believes he’s their father, Chaos, grew tired of their endless bickering.

The days filled with pointless choices; the restless nights filled with useless anticipation.

In one corner, the self proclaimed Lover of Unity, a being that carries the Sword of Salvation.

In the other corner, the self proclaimed Tempest of Destruction, a being that wields the Sais of the Sinister.

To their child, Chaos, this endless bickering over the souls of humanity misses the point of life: To Let Mankind Be.

To free mankind from the limitations that come with good and evil is the only way to save their souls, Chaos believed.

They claimed to love the citizens of Earth, but all they did was cause a dramatic treadmill.

But Chaos dreamed to one day destroy that machine and let humanity run free for the first time in their existence.

2018: A Personae Odyssey

122 The Fates Shadows

“When people start thinking of you more as a persona, they are less inclined to allow you to move into different areas. Sometimes they’re wrong. Sometimes they’re just very stereotypical or restricted in their own thinking of what they’ll allow you to do.”-Robert Redford

An artist has to think a lot about how they present themselves to the world. There’s so many facets to your personality. Some are ok to present in public, some are not ok. But you want to be as honest as you can be in your artistry. Whether it’s about love, violence, community, bodily functions (?) you want to be as close to truth as you can get.

But, as a human, you’re trained to be socially civilized. Well, most of us anyway.

I had an idea as I created this universe of The Destiny Saga to use my creativity on two levels: to create a rich, textured fictional universe AND to create personas to comment not only on my art, but me and how I feel about the world around me.

I’ve studied the relationship between how artists present themselves as prepackaged personalities while trying to be truthful in their art. Madonna & Michael Jackson were masters at media manipulation.

But there were certain artists who used alter egos to express themselves that I thought were more fun to model after…

You had Eminem with his trilogy of personas (Eminem, Slim Shady, and “Marshall Mathers”). You had Bono of U2 with his characters during the Achtung Baby/Zooropa era (The Fly, Mirror Ball Man, and MacPhisto).

And, of course, David Bowie (Davy Jones, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke, Halloween Jack, Elepahnt Man, etc).

A lot of The Destiny Saga is about how we have both good and evil in us and how that makes us more gray than we should be. It’s also about how you have to be honest with yourself about how much of you makes up both sides. It”s that duality that always fascinated me and I thought to myself, “Why not use that as the face of ‘marketing’ The Destiny Saga?”

Enter “The Boy” and “The Lost Child.”

Duel of the Fates 1

“My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step, they are gray faces that peer over my shoulder.”-William Golding


The idea that “black” & “white” makes “gray” is  a favorite idea to me. Awareness of those three colors are needed for a person to evolve. And that struggle between all three colors is something I like to have fun exploring.


“The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural… The brighter it becomes, the more it loses its sound, until it turns into silent stillness and becomes white.” -Wassily Kandinsky

But since blue is my favorite color, I replace grey with it. Blue can represent hope or it can represent sadness. So, in my universe, blue is the new grey.

Rochard= Blue (“Gray”)

The Boy= Black (Good)

The Lost Child= White (Bad)

I like flipping the colors because, in a way, it’s not the colors that matter but the actions of each of the personas. So “Rochard” is the real me, The Boy is my/the world’s good side, and The Lost Child is my/the’s world’s bad side.


“Love is higher than the Highest. Love is greater than the Greatest. Yea, it is in a certain sense greater than God; while yet, in the highest sense of all, God is Love, and Love is God. Love being the highest principle is the virtue of all virtues; from whence they flow forth.” -Jakob Bohme

The Boy has the spirit of a teenager who wants nothing more to help everyone build the perfect compassionate community. He also wants to reform The Lost Child to see how important love is. The Boy is the more defensive of the two. He wants to “save” The Lost Child but will defend himself if necessary. He is the ultimate version of good in The Destiny Saga. He & The Lost Child are like the fates from Greek mythology. Except for a selected few, most of the characters have no idea they exist.


“Vice cannot be removed completely, nor is it right that it should be removed.” -Chrysippus

The Lost Child hates humanity more than anything in the universe and wants nothing more than to cause it pain. He/She/It is a shapeshifter due to its duplicitous nature. His twin, The Boy, makes him/her/it sick to its stomach. He loves showing his enemy the weak nature of man. The Lost Child is the more offensive of the two fates. It is always on the attack.

The entirety of THE DESTINY SAGA is contained in a mythical tome called “The Book of Events” in which The Boy & The Lost Child are co-authors. And since they represent  both my light side and my dark side, you can see where this is going.

So hopefully that clears a few things up about my “onstage personas.” If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments below. Thanks.

-Rochard Scott, January 2018

Born: October 7th, 1942

54 Cristina Weathers

The “Aggressive.”

Push forward. Push forward. Push forward. Push forward.

I don’t know what else to tell you. I could tell you about my Linian teachings.

About how my family comes from a long line of royal protectors that take their duties very seriously.

About how our enemy, Chaos, wants to free mankind from “the shackles of sanity.”

About how our founder, Linkera, created our group to live in the shadows of humanity protecting it but never dominating it.

I could tell you all of these things but I prefer to tell you to push forward in your life because you have no choice.

I tell my kids this all the time. Some of them hear me. Some of them have eternal blank stares. But I tell them anyway.

My husband, who I love love love, tells me to relax. Which is something he should never do…but he does. I never thought I’d marry such a laid back guy who still manages to get what needs to get done, done.

He just pushes forward in his own way. That’s all that matters.

I can’t tell how to push forward anymore than I can tell them. That’s their choice…and now it’s your choice.