Religion in the Destiny Saga

   A major theme of the Destiny Saga is the effect that the different kinds of faith have on us as people. One aspect of faith is religion and it is a topic that can divide us as a people. I grew up a Christian and I had different opinions on what I believed in throughout the years. Some days I’m agnostic, but I still explore what I believe.This journey of faith has made a major impact on my perspective of life.

   Some of the characters in the story question what they believe, what others believe and whether a God actually exists or not. To not have these issues explored in any story about humanity, I feel is not a very truthful story.

   I don’t bring religion into the story to convert anybody or shove my beliefs into anybody’s face, but they say write what you know. The Linians all follow the two tenets of their belief systems, but not all of them believe in a supreme being(s) or subscribe to any of the religions.

   The collective belief of the Linians is one of community above all else. They are completely against anything that will separate mankind and they don’t let their different faiths stop them from achieving their ultimate goal: to stop the “villian” of the story, Chaos.

    I just wanted to say all this to reinforce that I don’t want to hold back on any topics that concern our world and I hope that when people read my stories, they don’t think I’m trying to shove my beliefs in their faces.

   I just like having non politicised conversations through art and religion shouldn’t be off topic.

Introducing: The New Challengers.

More information is forthcoming but here are my 3 main characters: Prince Torell Destine,Prince Rampage, and Rachel Fairs.

   Shout out to Michael Coward for designing these characters almost 14 years ago (wow).

What is The Linian Legacy?

In the universe of the Destiny Saga, the concept of the Linians are very important to the evolution of my story.

They are a group of people in the narrative that are there to help my three main characters realize what they were put in existence to do. They follow the teachings of a man called Linkera who was born on Earth near the beginning of time and have a system of beliefs based off of his two simple tenets:

1.Place love for your fellow sentient beings above everything. That rule includes non-humans as well (we’ll get to that non-human thing later).

2.To maintain healthy social order without influencing personal and greater social histories whatsoever.

Love and respect for personal liberty are their legacy and that theme is what I hope to get across with this project. I want to make money, no doubt about that, but I also want to have that kind of integrity along my creative journey.


   My name is Rochard Scott and this is the official blogsite of a sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure/romantic/spiritual/comedic universe (whew!) that I hope can be realized in various forms of media someday (novels, movies, video games, etc).

   This blog was designed to give visitors insight on the details, influences, and personal thoughts that have gone into creating this fictional world that I have been working on my whole life.

   Hopefully this blogsite will help spread the word about the Destiny Saga. If you’re instrumental in spreading the word to get people to visit this site, I thank you in advance.

   This is all non profit and is just a tool for getting ideas out there. Nothing more, nothing less. You will be a part of seeing how this venture will evolve in the coming days, months, and years. You’ll not only get an idea of my universe but you will also get an idea of the person who created it as well… 

   Thank you for visiting!