Duel of the Fates 1

Lingering, Long Haired Lacerators

Their child that believes he’s their father, Chaos, grew tired of their endless bickering.

The days filled with pointless choices; the restless nights filled with useless anticipation.

In one corner, the self proclaimed Lover of Unity, a being that carries the Sword of Salvation.

In the other corner, the self proclaimed Tempest of Destruction, a being that wields the Sais of the Sinister.

To their child, Chaos, this endless bickering over the souls of humanity misses the point of life: To Let Mankind Be.

To free mankind from the limitations that come with good and evil is the only way to save their souls, Chaos believed.

They claimed to love the citizens of Earth, but all they did was cause a dramatic treadmill.

But Chaos dreamed to one day destroy that machine and let humanity run free for the first time in their existence.

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