Why I Wrote “The Destiny Saga”: “Perceptions of Love”

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I believe that any artist worth her or his salt creates from a place of personal emotional interest. The Destiny Saga is no different from any other piece of art. It may have the trappings of action, adventure, faux sci-fi, and fantasy…but it is an epic tale of humanity at its base.

That last sentence may have seemed a little grandiose (go figure) but I enjoy the bigness of life as well as our individual struggles. One of the struggles that I wanted to explore is the perception of love, more specifically romantic love, in this case. I found myself loving the idea of being in love rather than actually loving in a way that was organic and relatively  free of stress.

You grow up with all these ideas of what it means to be in love, from the media’s depictions of unrealistic exceptions of romance to the heartbreak of failed relationships falling apart in our personal circles. I think most of us want to have a person to have faith in and to know that they have our backs in this difficult, but livable world.

I have many examples of romantic love sprinkled throughout “The Destiny Saga.” Some of them are positive. Some are negative. And some are in an emotional limbo.

Prince Rampage and Silva Terrana are a couple that represent many of the issues that most of us face when we involve ourselves in a monogamous relationship. The main issue being that as much as you can truly love somebody, you’ll never really know who they were, who they are, and who they are going to be. You have to have that scary thing called “faith” to get you through that uncertainty.

For me I dance between faith and uncertainty all the time when it comes to romantic love. I step outside of myself to take that risk, but I know that there are no guarantees of success. There’s no process that will get it just right. I have to accept that I can love…but there’s a possibility of not being loved back in return.

And that is one of the many reasons I wrote “The Destiny Saga.”

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