Linian Lesson #1: The Creator and The Destroyer

Who is running the show?

We Linians are followers of a religion called Linkatsa which

you can learn more about here.

I’ll get into our namesake later, but what I want to touch on

is this idea of The Creator vs The Destroyer.

Harmene, the First Angel, and her daughter, Melede, the First Demon.

Linkera told his Linian followers that

the angels and demons answered to these two beings, The Creator and

The Destroyer, respectively.

But the thing was that they never saw or heard from these

two beings, it was more of a “following of


Some of us Linians don’t buy into this theory,

some believe it was a form of madness

that informed the angels and demons.

Some think that recent sightings of these two “men”

showing up here and here

are a way to find out if these two beings exist.


I have no clue being a Christian, but stranger

things have happened in life…

The Destiny Saga: The Two Princes is available for your Kindle and Nook.

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