Karen’s Thoughts #6: Love

What is love? (I’m not Haddaway though)

I remember when I was 17 as a young Linian.

It was during the beginning of summer that I made

a move towards the object of my affections, Terrell Dest.

I thought I was in love with him and I confused it

for what it really was: a deep care.

I did fall in love with him eventually but

not in the way I thought.

It was beautiful though, but as I sit here

typing my thoughts as a grown woman,

I’m reconsidering

 what love actually is.

It not this word that we humans created with our limited

understanding of the universe.

It’s not romantic, communal, or idealistic.

I feel like it’s the complete acceptance of your

raw, naked light with all the dirt you accumulated in life

burning away withe eventuality of time.

But our human tragedy is that we created so many

rules to cover that raw, naked light

that we are in love with concepts

and not each other.

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