Karen’s Thoughts #5: The Bodyguard

Isn’t it ironic? (And I don’t care if she got the term wrong!)

Most Linians only have to concern themselves with only

protecting the Earth.


Not only do I have to worry about that,

but my full time job is about protecting this guy:

Terrell Dest: My childhood friend AND the boy I have to protect…24/7!

There’s a high degree of frustration in guarding someone

who has no idea that they need protection.

Since Kindergarten I had to watch over him (no pressure).

Because he is instrumental in defeating our enemy, Chaos,

I have to take this duty more seriously than anything

else in my life.

I wonder if I can file my life under “child abuse?”

But I will say that having him as my friend balances things out.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to focus on.

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