Karen’s Thoughts #4: Mystic Calm

Where in the world do Mystics get their powers from?

We Linians get our name from a man called Linkera.

He was created by angels and demons to fight a man named Chaos.

Linkera had a father-in-law named Calm.

This Calm became something called a Mystic,

a man with near infinite spiritual powers.

He lived for thousands and thousands of years.

And he is my mentor.

He taught me about peace and community.

He taught me to hold my own in the face of my gifted abilities.

I am the most deadliest person on Earth when it comes to

hand to hand combat,

but Mystic Calm kept me humble and responsible.

I don’t know what we Linians would do without him.

I would not be the woman that I am without his guidance.

My mentor.

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