The Four Different Eras of the Destiny Saga

   In The Destiny Saga, there are four different eras that have their very own stylistic flavor and (hopefully) their own unique art styles. The different eras are as follows:

The LinkeraChaos Era:

A quasi-biblical like setting where humans, angels, and demons are struggling with moral complexities. Takes place in the B.C. timeline on Earth.

The First Elite Era:

This era has an Arthurian meets advanced technology type of feel to it with a subtle dash of super heroics. This is where the Secondary Realms enter the story. These stories take place mostly off of Earth.

The Second Elite Era:

This storyline takes place in modern times (mostly in the 90’s ). The main characters are somehow related to the main characters of the previous era, The Elite. The Elite were three people who fought off the residual damage to the universe that was left by Chaos, the main villain of The Destiny Saga.

The Carmen Era:

This era is mainly focused on Carmen Morales, a woman who is related to a few of the characters from The Second Elite Era. Her story takes place around 2014 and this setting has more of an advanced technological feel to it. Carmen’s adventures (and her supporting cast of characters individual storylines) have a stronger flavor of humor and camaraderie than any of the previous eras.


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