“Angels” are beings that consider themselves servants of “The Creator” that they call God. The place that they inhabit and serve “The Creator” is called Heaven (that is what they call that place, “The Creator” has no name for this place).

These angels have no idea of how long existence has been in… well, existence. They have never met “The Creator”, but have stated to feel their master’s presence. They know of the nine initial realms and have studied the many different cultures that inhabit each of those distinctive universes. They have been hands off when it came to the physical planes, for they were (supposed) metaphysical beings. Their primary reason for existence was to help “The Creator” build Consciousness.

They constructed the links to connect every living being in every realm to the same spiritual bond. The idea of community was created through this Consciousness and the angels were responsible for maintaining this link.

But one day(the concept of time may or may not exist in Heaven) the angels became aware of  “The Destroyer”, a being in which they named The Devil. This “Destroyer” had no interest in maintaining community and persuaded a great many angels to join his plot to disconnect every living being. This conflict was to be known as the War in Heaven. This war extended down to the land of Pangaea which resided on the Planet Earth and many angels, both harmonious and destructive, caused great confusion in that utopia.

The conflict was soon ended by “The Creator” and the angels of both sides were freed of the responsibility of Consciousness.

   “For a first entry, it’s kinda vague. But as the universe grows through various media, these entries will be fleshed out. Consider this an organic encyclopedia.”- The Boy

“In other words, we can’t play our full hand while there’s a storytelling empire to be built!”- The Lost Child

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