See also:Giradians.

Adjoination is the act of two beings merging together. The act of Adjoination is a very sacred to the Giradian culture and they are the only Secondary Beings (non-humans) that can use this trait.

The code of the Giradians does not allow the race to use adjoining for evil purposes, personal gain, or random use. The only way a Giradian could Adjoin was to be dead. They could only adjoin with the human species however and the human in question would have to willfully agree to bond with the dead Giradian in order to give the Secondary Being a chance at a second life.

When the two lifeforms bond, the Girdian’s body opens up into a black maw that the human walks into and the flesh of the Giradian coats over the human as the Secondary uses the “host” as a structural prop for his body and spirit. The human’s consciousness goes into hibernation until the Giradian dies a second time.

Once the Giradian dies a second time, the human comes back into existence the same age they were when they Adjoined with the Secondary.

See also: Co-Adjoination.

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