Giradia is the Secondary Realm that is located through the Portanexus gate of Venus. The species known collectively as Giradians live here.

This Secondary Realm, although a military nation like Fegra, is based upon honor and integrity before the laws of civilization. The Giradian Army are not as technologically advanced as The Fegarian Army society but they are more reliant on hand to hand survival than that of the Fegarians focus on weapons.

Both societies are outstanding at hunting, but whereas the Fegarians are all Technique, the Giradians are more into ingenuity and adaptability.

This society is a mixture of Greek and Roman styles circa the mythological ages of those two societies. They use staffs, spears, and bladed weapons in contrast to the Fegarian protocol of projectile attacks. This is not to say that Giradians use projectiles from time to time, however.

The Giradian society is ruled by a King and his Queen. It is a society of patriarchy where the first-born son is a Prince and any other sons after are called Successors.

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