Fegra is the Secondary Realm that is located through the Portanexus gate of Jupiter.

This Secondary Realm is home to the Secondary Being race of the cat-like Fegarians. This is a military circa WW II type society founded on rigid class structures, strict adherence to government law and total commitment to military culture. Fegarian culture is defined by their strict code of conduct.

This government is ruled by a Lord and his Lady. They are the head of the government but their command is dictated by “The Document”. The Document is the rulebook created by the First Lord of Fegra, Lane, his Lady and the military top brass.

The top brass are The Baron Four, a four member male only faction that doubles as the Lord’s protectors; and The Lioness’ Den, a six member group of female soldiers who also double as protection for The Lady of Fegra. After that initial cabinet created the Fegarian society’s rules, are further decisions are created by the Lord of Fegra.

Below this cabinet, in societal importance comes the general military.

And after the general military comes the rest of the Fegarian population.

Fegra’s culture resembles a mixture of German and English style circa WW II mixed with feline design encased in semi-steampunk form. The geography is mostly jungle, huge cities and vast village countryside.

The military’s official color is deep purple while the top brass colors are green.

Fegra is one of the two great military realms, the other being Giradia.

Also known as “The Order Realm”.

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