Netrel, The

The Netrel


From the Secondary Realm of Netra-Six.

The Netrel, in the beginning, lived on the only inhabitable planet in the realm of Negasis. At some point, their ecosphere became flawed and would not allow sustainable life to exist there. So, with their great minds, they decided to create a controlled artificial world to live on. To build this world, they had to start in space.

The Netrel designed artificial bodies to inhabit so they could build the artificial world Netra-Six (named after the sixth design that was decided on by the Netrel to use). They were able to create bodies that not only would be able to survive space’s cold oxygen less recesses, but would also adapt to the new ecosphere they created. The artificial bodies would still be able to procreate and do anything that their original bodies were supposed to.

The Netrel resembled humans the most out of all the Secondary Beings, but when they transferred their spirits over to their new bodies, their skin had a very plastic look to it. This look earned the Netral the nickname offrealmers would give to them, Artificials.

The term Netrel is the plural form of this species, while the term Netral is singular.

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