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Mystics are humans imbued with the spiritual powers of both angels and demons. They are able to use spiritual spells (called “scrits”) to use for defensive and offensive purposes.

Only three Mystics existed in “The Destiny Saga”: Mystic SeraphMystic Calm, and Mystic Carious. Because of Seraph’s spiritual bond with a man named Linkera (a man who was created by both angel and demon with their respective abilities), her bloodline were imbued with spiritual powers. Her only living family at the time, Calm (her father) and Carious (her brother) were recipients of this power.

Calm, a minister of Pangaea, had his holy book collection transformed into a variety of mystical books, the most important of them being “The Book of Events”.

Mystics can phase in and out of the physical realm. They can use elemental spells and alter a person’s appearance. They can manipulate time. They have near infinite power but their powers are sometimes controlled and manipulated by beings they have no real proof that their identities but the Mystics can sense those puppet masters exist somehow.

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