Prince Rampage

Prince Rampage

Prince Rampage is one of the members of the Giradian Royal Family. His father, King Umbrage, his mother, Queen Incense, and his brother, Successor Contemn,round out the rest of that royal line.

Prince Rampage hails from the Secondary Realm of Giradia, also known as the “Honor Realm”.  Being a part of a species known for their integrity as well as their superior hunting abilities, Prince Rampage follows along with his people’s way of life.

Prince Rampage, looking a little too serious.

Except that his focus is primarily on his fiancée, Silva Terrana.

Friends since childhood, Rampage and Silva’s connection is one that is fully realized in all aspects of life. Rampage’s devotion to her surpasses his royal duties.

He’s actually a nice guy…not that you could tell from this picture…

He is smart, sarcastic, and fun-loving. He loves his family and his country, but even more so than your typical Secondary Being, he longs to look human. He is not a fan of how Giradians look and finds his looks to be monstrous.

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