The Portanexus is the designated gate of travel between the realms that “The Creator”

made for the Secondaries to visit on another’s realm.

The Creator allowed the Secondaries a genetic function to activate the Portanexus, but not Primary Beings (humans) because they already had Pangaea. The Creator made the other planets other than Earth and its sun to be the gates of travel.

For example, Venus is a planet in the Primary Realm (the Solar System) but it is actually a gate connected to the Secondary Realm of Giradia. In order to enter or exit the realm of Giradia, Secondaries must pass through the Portanexus gate of Venus.

Let’s use a situation to clarify this idea better:

The realm of Fegra resides in the gate of Jupiter. Let’s say a Secondary in Fegra wants to travel to Giradia. The Secondary in question has to open the gate of Jupiter to connect to the gate of Venus. Once the two gates connect, a spiritual pathway opens in the Primary Realm, the hub of the Portanexus travel system.

This enables the secondary to travel through the Primary Realm on a spiritual wave from Fegra to Giradia. This allows his or her physical form to never touch the Primary Realm.

   “One wonders what would happen if the Portanexus was ever destroyed.” – The Boy

“Chaos and destruction would be an awesome outcome.”- The Lost Child

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