Inspirational Quotes: Terry Crews

I had found the following story on Facebook that Terry Crews had told. I found it very inspiring and I asked him on Twitter if I could post it on this website. He was very cool to allow it.

I hope it inspires you as much as it did me:


Dear Haters,

I love the way you try to make your points by putting me on a cloud way above you, as if I was born with that tailor made bespoke (and quite lovely by the way) gray suit on. Fantasizing about how I have a bite of steak on a golden fork and throw the rest away as I helicopter over the masses in Manhattan and the Occupy Wall St. protesters in their REI tents huddled in the cold in their J.Crew sweaters and waiting patiently for the police to attack so they can capture it all on Hi-Def with Michael Moore on their brand new iPhone 4s cellphones (The blackberry’s they have haven’t been working properly).

But I have seen the bottom. I’ve been unemployed for more than a year. I lost a house that I couldn’t afford (the very beginning of the real estate debacle) in 2001 and had almost everything of value in and out of the pawn shop so much we didn’t even have to say hello. Hamburger Helper was a staple and I had a job sweeping floors through a place called LABOR READY that would hire you on a daily basis. I worked as a temp filing papers at the Veterans Administration (they are proud of me now) and worked security for movie sets for some of the worst bosses you could imagine. And this was AFTER I tooled around as a journeyman in the NFL and the World Football League with my wife and two kids not knowing where we were going to land. 

But one day, I was doing my security job and the boss was telling me to take my lunch break, but when I did, another boss would ask me why I left my post. I was frustrated and humiliated and this went on daily. THEN I had an epiphany. Why am I letting these guys determine how my day goes? Why can’t I just do my job like GOD is my boss? With a change in attitude, my world began to change. I saw my job as a blessing, and became the most prepared security guard they had ever seen. I would let nothing affect me and I didn’t. Soon, the studios began to call asking for me so it didn’t matter what my bosses said, THEIR bosses wanted me, so there was nothing they could do.

I also was moonlighting as a bouncer at a bar TIMMY NOLANS in Burbank (shameless plug) and met a police officer who did security for Billy Blanks. Billy was an advisor on a new show called BATTLEDOME (iTunes has it) and the officer invited me to an open casting call down at Venice beach. To make a long story longer – It was the first audition I went on. I had never acted before but I knew I had to just act like GOD was the one picking people for the show and I had to do my absolute best. I did and it was great, but after 6 months I heard nothing. I went back to security.


Then out of the blue – I got a callback. The producer said he liked me and here I thought it was over and it wasn’t. I knew I had to go all out so I went and got my face painted (Darth Maul Style) and wore this crazy space wrestler outfit. I showed up at the audition at SONY studios and the guard at the gate laughed at me. I went in the audition room and the 50 or so others who were there laughed at me. I didn’t care. I was going ALL OUT. As if God himself was in that other room. I was going to walk out knowing I gave my absolute best. I met the producers – They laughed at me and promptly asked me to audition. I did and went home. Weeks later I get a call asking me to come back to the Producers office for another callback. I was ecstatic! They told me I didn’t have to wear the crazy outfit this time. I go down there, and there are only about 6 others in the room. The producer walks in looks at me and says – You’ve got the job.

A year later, into our second season I asked the producer why he picked me. He said he never saw any other person who was willing to go all out like I did. And even though it was extreme, I didn’t hold back. I gave my best. I’ve never forgot that, and to this DAY, my boss is GOD. I work as if HE’s paying me and that why I’m here today.

But I forgot…you’re a HATER. And Haters don’t like to hear these kinds of stories because they can ALWAYS find a reason why it won’t work for them. In fact, haters get so angry they get mad if you tell SOMEBODY ELSE WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM that they can do it. Because the scary thing is, if I can do it and YOU can do it – it eliminates everything that excuses the haters from succeeding. So they call me asshole and say they don’t like me anymore or they will condescend and say what I do isn’t really a job, or say I’ve never REALLY worked a day in my life. And they won’t say this on their page, they come to MY page to discourage others from even attempting to better their lives because “people don’t know any better” or we need to face “reality”. Well the reality is Haters gonna hate, and potatoes gonna potate. So they tell me to “shut up and make me laugh” or “stop talking smart” and entertain me like massa at the plantation harvest celebration. But this is MY WORLD. This is MY LIFE. And this is MY FACEBOOK/TWITTER and I post and tweet as unto the Lord. Unlike, unfollow drink some uncola, whatever you do, because I don’t need everyone to like me. I do what I do for those that do. I love my fans. They understand me, and have passion to go all out just like I do. This fan page is going 100mph, and if you can’t keep up, you just might get run over. I hope you haters thought that was funny.

Thank you, 

Terry Crews 


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