Tales of Destiny: The Elite Linian (Tigra Brosmate)

Tigra Brosmate


Today was no laughing matter…but that didn’t stop the soon to be Grand Lady from giggling her ass off.  Tigra looked around her jade bedroom for her military uniform. The room was made of green stone walls and flooring, which was the norm for everything in Lane’s Fortress. Her feline ears wriggled in frustration behind her long brunette hair as her giddiness faded away.

What in the name of nonsense did I put the damn thing?

Her mind was usually as sharp as a Giradian’s blade but this misplacement of a uniform was uncharacteristic. Today was her indoctrination as the first Grand Lady Lioness in Fegarian history. Tigra was handpicked by the Lady of Fegra to lead a military group called The Lioness Den. The Lioness Den was a group of women created to serve not only as high ranking military leaders but they were also to serve as the Lady of Fegra’s bodyguards.

Tigra’s tail lashed about the room, nearly knocking off her perfumes off of her silver dresser. She was still wearing the silver satin robe that she put on after taking her shower but she knew she could not go into the fortress halls looking like that. Her courtship mate, Panthra Harlequin, would not approve of any soldiers getting a glimpse of his wife-to-be. She smiled briefly at the thought of the most attractive man in all of Fegra getting intimidated by anybody. If anything, Tigra would have to fend off pretty much every Fegarian woman in existence.

But that was neither here nor there, if she didn’t find that damn uniform.

Something’s wrong here…

Her warrior instincts kicked in as she realized someone was in the room with her. That had to be impossible because there were soldiers outside her room and there were no windows anywhere in her small living quarters. She extracted the claws from her fingertips and her feline eyes narrowed for the attack. The person was behind her.

How the hell did they come from the bathroom?

But before she turned around, a wise male voice said, “You do not need to attack me, Tigra. I have your uniform right here.”

She grit her fangs and turned around to face her intruder. She was shocked to find out it was a middle aged human being wearing Aztec embroidered robes. The man was of what was to be known of Japanese descent and her purple military sleeksuit that he was holding in his hand was a shade darker than his blue robes.

“Do you know how much of your ass I’m going to kick, human?”

The old man smiled, “You don’t want to do that, Grand Lady Lioness. I’ve come here with an offer.”

“An offer to rake your face with my claws?”

The human walked towards and stretched out his arm to hand her the sleeksuit. “I thought Tigra Brosmate was a woman of measured thought?”

The Lioness snatched her uniform from the annoyingly sincere old man and growled, “When someone magically enters your bedroom, you let me know how measured your thoughts are.”

Tigra suddenly realized how strange this situation was. There was no way a human could be on any Secondary Realm. Wasn’t the Portanexus to Earth sealed off?

“How did you get here, human?”

“Call me Mystic Calm.”

“Ok, Mystic Calm. How did you get here?”

The Mystic proceeded to tell her an abbreviated tale of the battle between two men named Linkera and Chaos. He told her about how the angels and demons found a way to unlock Earth’s Portanexus to push their enemy Chaos through it. He was here with his son, Carious, and Linkera to find Chaos and those who could defeat the madman.

“…But I want to get to the reason why I’m here.”

Tigra just realized that everyone out there must be waiting for her. In fact, why didn’t the guards ever enter? She looked at the closed green door and began to check what was going on out there.

Mystic Calm said, ‘You don’t need to go out there.”

“What are you talking about, old man?”

She pulled open the door, disregarding the fact that she was still in her robes, but that didn’t matter because the two Fegarian soldiers who stood outside her door just stood there. They were literally catatonic.

“I’m guessing that this is all your handiwork?”

The Mystic glided out into the pristine green hallway, his feet barely touching the ground. He nodded agreement at the confused Fegarian woman and he began to glide down the hall toward s the throne room. Tigra figured that there was a point to where he was going, so she followed him.

How can I kick the ass of a man that can freeze people?

They arrived in the massive throne room with its red carpeting that covered the entire floor. The jade walls had stone columns embedded in them that propped up the towering ceiling. At one end of the throne room was a huge stone door that lead to the courtyard; at the other end were the silver thrones of the Lord and Lady of Fegra. No one else was in the throne room except the two of them. She looked around at the darkly lit room with the crisscrossing rafters above them seeming like an elaborate metallic spider web. She looked back at the Mystic who was now kneeling in front of the two silver thrones facing her with an aged blue book on the floor in front of him. From his body language, Tigra knew he was ready to speak.

But what was even more interesting was the fact that she was now wearing her dark purple sleeksuit.

The Mystic closed his eyes and the book in front of him opened up as a soft light shot up out of it and an image, like a Netral telescreen appeared in front of the rafters with its blank white image facing her. Suddenly, an image of a clear night sky appeared on the “screen” and the image scrolled down to show the highlands of Harmor Ari. Tigra could recognize the terrain of that Secondary Realm from anywhere.

At that moment, a woman flew into view of the image. Tigra was shocked to see a person flying without any help from machinery. The image of the woman got closer as Tigra realized that this woman was a Fegarian. She could tell not only by her feline tail, but also by that trademark Fegarian grace.  The woman was also wearing the same military uniform that Tigra had on.

But that woman was not Tigra.

The Lioness looked at Mystic Calm and said, “Who is that woman?”

Without opening his eyes, he said, “That is your daughter.”

This shocked Tigra obviously due to the fact that she had no children. Also because that woman looked like she was the same age as Tigra. She looked at the blonde haired flying Fegarian with awe because something inside of her told her that the Mystic was right. She wasn’t able to get a good look at her daughter’s face but she could tell the she was a strong woman in the way she confidently flew over one of Harmor Ari’s massive lakes.

“Why are you showing me this, Mystic?”

“Because your daughter is very important to the future and we need you live up to your potential in order to make that happen.”

“Live up to my potential?”

The image above them faded away as the blue book above them sucked the light back into its pages and closed back up. It faded away as the Mystic rose from his kneeling position and looked at Tigra.

“Me, my son, and my son-in-law are looking for somebody or bodies that can defeat our enemy Chaos, but his army of soldiers called Legion keep getting in our way. We need a team of people that can keep them off our trail and also maintain order among the Secondary Realms.”

“Is that my daughter’s job?”

He grinned, “No, not yet. But we would like for it to be your job.”

Tigra’s stomach dropped, “Do you realize that I have a huge responsibility here?”

“Your people will understand when I explain who our enemy is. But I do need it to be your choice. You will be granted powers just like the one that your daughter had. We need you to join our Elite.”

Tigra envisioned herself flying through the skies and couldn’t imagine what other powers she would inherit. The Fegarian Army could only be inspired by that impressive show of power, not to mention that it would be a woman wielding it. She giggled again, but this time it wasn’t over nervousness like earlier.

“Where do I sign up?”

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