Linian Lessons #5: Terra Warriors

“The Groundlings.”

Our lesson today involves a group called

“The Terra Warriors.”

In Heaven (your terminology may vary)

there was a war between two beings, The Creator and The Destroyer.

(Once again, your terminology on these beings may vary.)

The angels, led by the First Angel Harmene, battled against

the demons, led by her daughter, the First Demon Melede.

Harmene and Melede took their battle down to Earth and

created cities in the center of the planet.

The angels lived in the Light City of Anyin;

the demons resided in the Dark City of Yangde.

It was here where they battled over the influence of

the First Civilization of Earth, Pangaea.

This terrestrial war over the spirits of women and men

created the “conscience”; before this battle, Pangaea

was a Utopia free from hatred and corruption.

The Terra Warriors, as these earthly angels and demons

were now known as, eventually attempted

to rebel against both The Creator and The Destroyer

to rule all of existence…

– Karen Weathers

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