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Splitting Grey Heirs

Two sets of angels that served two masters fell from the Land of Dreams Crash landed on a unified Earth with plans of steering humans towards a master to serve Originally meant to represent good & evil, the warring angels got comfortable in the human consciousness. The angels realized that they should serve no master…they […]

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Terra Warriors

Terra Warriors was the collective term given to the angels and demons that battled in the consciousness of people’s minds on Pangaea. The “Terra Angels” resided in the City of Anyin that resided in the center of the earth. The “Terra Demons” lived in the City of Yangde alongside Anyin and the two cities were separated by a massive wall. The whole war that took place between these […]

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Linian Lessons #5: Terra Warriors

Our lesson today involves a group called “The Terra Warriors.” In Heaven (your terminology may vary) there was a war between two beings, The Creator and The Destroyer. (Once again, your terminology on these beings may vary.) The angels, led by the First Angel Harmene, battled against the demons, led by her daughter, the First […]

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