Karen’s Thoughts #7: Comrades

Yes TLC…what about YOUR friends?

When I was a young buck in the 90’s

I never had a problem making friends

despite having to keep most of my life a secret due to being

a Linian.

I could keep people near me spiritually, if not


My mother always made it a point to tell me

it’s not what people know about you

that makes you their friend,

it’s your unconditional support in the face of mutual respect.

But now that I’m in my 30’s,

I’m seeing that the older we get

and the more damage we accumulate

in our separate life journeys,

we pile on conditions that

don’t allow for those pure connections.

It’s painful to realize that we all can

speak the language of friendship but

we filter ourselves due to a fear of


How can we destroy those filters?

I ask myself that everyday…

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