The Linian

Commander Deborah Faucett

For a Linian, balance is the most important thing.

Our founding father and namesake of The Linkatsa Religion

was (or is?) a man named Linkera.

He was a man created by both angel and demon

to defeat an insane being called Chaos.

My secret force, Last Line, is a  group

that has infiltrated every major military

in human history since armies were formed.

We watch for any situation that may have Chaos’

fingerprints on it and we stop it before the

rest of the human race is aware of any anomalies.

There are more Linians in other realms,

but on Earth, humans have to take care of their own.

That is a duty that I’m proud to carry out…

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The Destiny Saga: The Two Princes for your NOOK

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