The Netrel

Images of a Netral man and Netral woman; art by Patricia L.C.

The Netrel are a species of Secondary Beings (non-humans) who are the most technologically advanced civilization in “The Destiny Saga”.

Their original home world, Negasis, was unfit for living so they created a whole new world called Netra-Six( named after the sixth design plan for this new world).

Their old bodies were dependent on atmosphere of Negasis but they could only live on Netra-Six by transferring their essences(or spirits, if you prefer) into machine bodies that resembled human beings. Like any other Secondary Being culture, they worshiped humanity and their new bodies best reflected that. The shiny plastic texturing of their skin is a dead giveaway to what their bodies really are.

They are anti-war and pro business and their export of advanced technology keeps them out of any wars because they supply tech to who ever is buying, nothing personal…

To get a taste of who they are, please feel free to buy “The Destiny Saga: The Two Princes” on eBook located on the right hand side of this blog. Peace!

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