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Negasis/ Netra-Six

Negasis is the Secondary Realm that is located through the Portanexus gate of Neptune. Negasis is the most technologically advanced of all the realms. Only the Secondary Realm of  Fegra comes close but where the Netrel (the citizens of Negasis) technological advancements are applied to societal living, the Fegarians are advanced in weapon and military vehicle design. The Netrel, in the beginning, […]

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The Netral

FROM “THE BOOK OF EVENTS”: From the Secondary Realm of Netra-Six. The Netrel, in the beginning, lived on the only inhabitable planet in the realm of Negasis. At some point, their ecosphere became flawed and would not allow sustainable life to exist there. So, with their great minds, they decided to create a controlled artificial world to live on. To […]

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The Netrel

The Netrel are a species of Secondary Beings (non-humans) who are the most technologically advanced civilization in “The Destiny Saga”. Their original home world, Negasis, was unfit for living so they created a whole new world called Netra-Six( named after the sixth design plan for this new world). Their old bodies were dependent on atmosphere of Negasis […]

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