The Shapeshifter (An Introduction to The Lost Child)

"Tearing the Human Spirit apart, one person at a time..."- The Lost Child

    From the beginning of time, came the idea of darkness

Brother and companion to Light, this idea became a being

Forever young and devoted to inspiring bleakness,

It named itself “The Lost Child”to rebel against “The Light”

and split itself into three to maintain its divided philosophy:

*     *     *

“HE” is the one that can seduce without love,

can make a person feel special while, at the same time,

rip everything beautiful about that person subversively.

*     *     *

“SHE” can manipulate the world around you

Can make you notice despair and destruction

and can make suggestions that you should destroy yourself too.

*     *     *

“IT” is the shadow of every living being

Able to follow us all around, but is not a part of us.

*     *     *

The Lost Child can only lurk but cannot make us choose

For our individual and connected destinies are up to us…

But The Lost  Child will challenge us nonetheless…

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