Anatomy of an On-Stage Persona Part 3: “The Lost Child”









   In Parts One and Two of the “Anatomy”, I gave you guys the history of my original character, THE BOY. Now I want to finish up this series of blog posts with my version of the dark side: THE LOST CHILD.

   Both The Boy and The Lost Child have the characteristics of world-weary soldiers who have seen everything existence has to offer but have both come away with different perspectives of what the true nature of life is. Where the The Boy sees unlimited potential in everything; The Lost Child sees meaningless. His only goal, no matter how kind and understanding he may seem when he  smiles, is to destroy people’s lives. That is his ONLY pleasure in life.

   He is 95% pure hate, but he is also 5% righteous indignation. He loves throwing our hypocrisies in our faces. But in doing that, he risks bring The Boy back into the picture. You see, as alluded to in the last post, they can kill each other, but only temporarily. Whenever one kills the other, the defeated one stays trapped in the shadow of the victor until the survivor acts in a way that is like the defeated Fate. In other words, if The Lost Child starts to act in righteous anger, he risks being compassionate and that will release The Boy from his shadow. This will star their war once again. The same result happens to The Boy if he acts in full hatred.

   They don’t refer to each other as brothers, twins, or enemies; they call each other their “mirror”(I hope that’s self explanatory). My plan is to explore their continued battle not only in future books, but in artwork, paintings, tweets and various digital media. I want to perform as one of the two on stages, short films and  song. I have many surprises for the audience in the future, so just know that this is an ongoing saga.

   This blog has gone on long enough, but I want to leave you guys with the color scheme behind the two Fates. They both wear black and white to represent the struggle of us all. I don’t categorize the two colors as good or evil. I use them to represent differing perspectives. My use of the occasional blue for the characters is VERY similar to the reason I use blue in my “symbol”.

   And last but the least, the use of the microphone(and stand) is another form of (artistic) weaponry (read: symbolism) between the two. “Harsh Words” vs “Kind Words”. I’ll just leave it at that…

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