Anatomy of an On-Stage Persona Part 2: “The Boy”









I left off in Part One of the Anatomy with the origins of my symbol and first attempt at an onstage persona, “The Boy 1.0”. This post is centered on the first of my two characters that I will play from time to time.

   In this version of THE BOY, I plan for him to represent hope and love. 95% of his actions and words are based on positivity and community. I kind of based him on 21-year-old me when I was at the apex of my idealism, when I used to dream about changing the world through compassionate actions. So there will always be a degree of naiveté at the core of who this character is.

   The other 5% of him is his anger at humanity not being able to overcome our weaknesses to evolve as a healthier society. It is this hatred at our inconsistencies that his eternal enemy, THE LOST CHILD, exploits for his plans to completely destroy civilization.

   The back story that I have set up for the two of them in my story is that they are two sides of the same coin. They are THE FATES that influence every single character in my story, directly or indirectly. 99.9% of the characters in THE DESTINY SAGA have no idea of their existence or their influence. In fact, in my main novel, THE DESTINY SAGA: A TALE OF TWO PRINCES, REALITY, AND VISIONS, they are not explicitly characterized.

    They have been battling since the beginning of time in that alternate universe that I have created. The bare feet that are in my photos represent the idea of the primal nature of us all. It’s the idea of our uncivilized core doing battle with itself.

   Every once in a while, one of “The Fates” can kill the other and, for a time, which ever one is the victor has a strong influence on the whole of existence in THE DESTINY SAGA. In other words, if The Lost Child wins, the nature of reality will steer towards the negative; The Boy, vice versa.

    However, whichever Fate was murdered CAN be reborn by certain actions that the living Fate perform. That will be explained in the next post along with the meanings behind the microphone  and the color scheme of The Fates…

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