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The Mystics

   The last men from the long lost supercontinent of Pangaea just happened to be father and son. Mystic Calm and his son, Mystic Carious were holy men that became powerful warriors when they joined up with the founder of the Linians, Linkera.     But the death of Calm’s daughter, Seraph, affected the two men […]

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Religion in the Destiny Saga

   A major theme of the Destiny Saga is the effect that the different kinds of faith have on us as people. One aspect of faith is religion and it is a topic that can divide us as a people. I grew up a Christian and I had different opinions on what I believed in throughout the […]

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What is The Linian Legacy?

In the universe of the Destiny Saga, the concept of the Linians are very important to the evolution of my story. They are a group of people in the narrative that are there to help my three main characters realize what they were put in existence to do. They follow the teachings of a man […]

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