Head of Security for the Kingdom of Old France

My lord, King Shard Destine, is a wise man. My lord, King Shard Destine, is a naive man. Our kingdom is a forward thinking culture. And because of that, our neighbors have a hard time understanding what we talk about most of the time. Our king believes we can talk them into being better people.

Better meaning equality for all peoples.

But that is a concept that they have no tolerance for.

So it is up to me and the rest of the Francellan military to make sure our neighbors don’t confuse kindness for weakness.

Thank God the Queen understands this.

Sometimes you have to punch someone in the mouth a few times before they get the picture. I wish it were different, but we humans are eternal knuckleheads.

I take no pride in being the strong arm… but I will defend my kingdom without hesitation.

This is a discipline that I will pass on to my daughters.


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