Voluntary Reactions

whole family 3

The Weathers Clan

You’d think it be easy to watch people from outside.

With the minutiae of massive habits hacking their minds.

The ability to create heaven on Earth not in their design.

We Linians, with our secret history of protecting the passive,

Realize that we volunteer our lives to keep the world turning

while realizing that their limit may never stop churning.

But that’s the curse of reacting like a volunteer

You’re signing up to be a maintenance worker.

Behind the scenes a Linian  is an anti-puppeteer

We don’t keep humanity moving with strings, but with vigilant veneer.

We’re your neighbors, your co-workers, your military.

But we’re not your leaders or any sort of authority.

We’re the thieves in the night that steal your destruction

From forces you don’t know by divine instruction

And that order is one that we follow through

Because if we slip, you will no longer be you.


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