June 25th, 2013: Desires

I wanted to start this journal off with explaining why we Linians were able to stay dedicated to fighting off our arch enemy Chaos for so long without any significant infighting among ourselves, but I feel like talking about my friend Miranda today.

Miranda Sambella was one of my friends in high school that I never told about my secret life as a Linian. We went from kindergarten to high school graduation without me ever exposing that part of my life. She wasn’t my best friend in my school years, that would be a tie between Jeanette Kean and Terrell Dest, but she was pretty close. We fell out of touch after we graduated Piersdale High School in New Jersey, but she was never far from my mind.

Then everything in the world had changed as you may know…

After the Linians were exposed and my secret was out, I was in a pretty lonely space for awhile until Miranda got in touch with a few of my family members looking to see how is was doing.

I’m not going say that she not compassionate and respectful but it felt to me, when started to talk again, that there was an air of frustration on her side. I assumed that it was because I kept a part of my life away from her, but the was no satisfying reason I could give her for not trusting her with that secret.

I thought that this desire for friends outside of the Linkatsa Religion was a feeling only Linians could relate to: the feelings of separation, anger, and sadness of belonging to one culture fully while only partially in another. But I think we all have that feeling of being in more than one world and not having most people understand those different facets of who we are as individuals.

How arrogant to think that desire for complete understand was limited to only Linians…


– Karen Angela Weathers


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