June 24th, 2013: Secrets

Good day, my friends. The last few days I have been hearing people talk about privacy. Privacy on our phones, the internet, and even drones potentially watching over us. Don’t worry about this journal going political on you, we Linians were never much into politics…which is why the assumption by some people that we were the Illuminati was a judgement that is FAR off the mark.

Is it true that we infiltrated and used the militaries of the world to keep a watch out for any intruders from the Secondary Realms? Absolutely. But we never interfered with the wars, unless some renegade Secondaries were somehow involved. It was all in the name of surveillance to keep the dangerous outsiders from corrupting Earth’s destiny.

Now that last sentence must sound like a bunch of crap to some of you conspiracy theorists out there, but I promise you we did not exploit the military for selfish reasons. The Linians have been protecting humanity since after the division of the first super continent, Pangaea. There is so much the go over in these journal entries in the coming weeks…but please be patient. I will try to clear things up for you.

As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section, I will get back to you. Enjoy your day…


– Karen Angela Weathers

JOURNAL- Secrets


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