June 23, 2013: Perspective

I grew up in what some people would call “a cult.” That really offends me because calling the Linians a cult sounds like we’re a bunch of twisted weirdos when we were any thing but. The Destiny Saga books that my friend Rochard wrote (from my experiences and from Linian history) to help you guys understand what we were really about is not the only way to understand my people…

I hope that this ongoing journal of mine will help you to see us all more than a fringe culture. Our goal was to support love and unity. But with the events that changed our world forever, I think that the Linian mission statement had gotten lost in the initial chaos.

So I hope you consider this first post as the beginning of the olive branch I’m extending to you as you’ll get to see the world from a Linian’s point of view. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, I will get back to you…

-Karen Weathers

My mission statement brought to you by the color blue!

My mission statement brought to you by the color blue!

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