Hollywood “Scandal” by Curtis Scoon

The follow stream of consciousness is brought to you by the tweets of Curtis Scoon (@CurtisScoon), a person you should be following on Twitter if you want to have real discussions. Anyway here are the tweets from 1/15/2013 that I felt should be shared with others…


Am I surprised the creator of Scandal is black? No. There are certain depictions of blacks that increase the likelihood of a green light.

Black writers, producers, etc. know exactly what they are. The noble, honorable route is often the least successful one for us in show biz.

Black face is far more sophisticated these days. Pandering to negative stereotypes is the new black face.

Hollywood loves images of emasculated or psychotic black men, or “scandalous” over sexualized black women, etc. The question is why?

I believe it stems from a deep-rooted inadequacy/complex from the people responsible for this standard.

It’s always easier for people to cope knowing “I’m not the only one with this issue.” They’ve proceeded to infect all with their “baggage.”

The whole time they project their guilt and shame on black people to feel better about themselves and some of you are entertained by THAT?

How did black men become the face of drug lords, murderers, every despicable adjective in the dictionary when history tells a different tale?

You want to get ahead in a system hell-bent on your destruction? Become a promoter, conspirator and participant in that destruction.

All of us are guilty to varying degrees. Some out of ignorance and others out of selfishness. Denial is the cowards way to avoid duty.

How many of you looked at the Golden Globes? There were no “friends” in that room yet you daydreamed about one day being there. LOL

In hip hop nothing sells like BEEF. Death Row and Tupac showed us that. They key being the “beef” be black on black.

Oh how they love, promote and reward acts of SELF-DESTRUCTION. There’s 30 pieces of silver awaiting all willing to join their ranks.

Assisting in the exploitation of our own appears to be our only option in this system. Perhaps the only way to win is to not play the game.

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