Change Is Not a Backwards Glance

A person can go through life and look at a situation a million different ways but can only make one distinctive action on how to respond. You would like to think that the ability to make the “right” choice in every situation is possible…but it’s obviously not. It’s the moment that decides your action…not premeditation.

You can have the best line of thought going into a situation, but if a curve ball gets thrown at you, how do you react to that?

I’ve tried to look back on my life and see where the mistakes I made took me. The thing is that I realized that those situations were unique in their own way and can’t one hundred percent apply to the future moments that are similar to them. I’ve made some mistakes that I wish I can take back. There are things that I wish I could mend that are not up to me to fix.

Looking back on all of that “experience” can only take me so far; I need to understand the moment instead…

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