The Baron Four

Pictured from l to r: Baroness Tigra, Baron Panthra, Baron Stealth, and Baron Claw


See also: FegraFegarians

The Fegarian Army may be a talented force to be reckoned with, but all of Fegra knew who they had to give credit to: The Baron Four and The Lioness’ Den. Both lived on codes of honor, secrecy, strength, intelligence, and loyalty to the Lord and Lady of Fegra. Only the absolute best of the Fegarian Army were allowed to enter each of these factions of the Fegarian High Command.

The Baron Four consisted of males, while the Lioness Den consisted of six females. However, since the time of Cat Tiamano’s defeat of the Lord of Fegra he destroyed all but one member of the Lioness Den, Grand Lady Lioness Tigra. Cat also destroyed one of the founding members of The Baron Four, Baron Prowl.

As Cat gained the title of Lord of Fegra, he redesigned The Baron Four, now with Tigra becoming a Baroness, to become ruthless assassins. The Baron Four accepted the changes due to their loyalty to Fegarian laws.

The Roster

Baron Claw is the oldest member and he is the Grand Baron (leader). Baron Stealth is  a master hunter and personal bodyguard of the Lord. Baroness Tigra and Baron Panthra are married lovers better known as the Sadistic Harlequins.


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