See also: Fegra

“Remember…our way is the only way.” – Master Feign Tiamano

If there ever was one race of Secondary Beings who should have a reserved area in hell, it should be the present day Fegarian Army. These tyrannical figures of terror, who are feline featured humanoids,  are best known for oppressing the Fegarian masses and the Army is bent on dominating the other existing realms. The Secondary Realm of Fegra is ruled by Cat Tiamano and his two heirs, Master Feign Tiamano and Mistress Felina Tiamano. Alongwith the high command of the Fegarian Army, The Baron Four, the Fegarians are a force to be reckoned with.

However, the realm of Fegra had not always been this way…

The Past

Long ago, way before the rise of Lord Tiamano, the realm of Fegra existed in relative harmony like all of the other realms. And just like the other realms they had a love of “God”( who was really The Creator, a being the angels and demons mistakenly called God) and respected the rules of order. Most of them became Linians after Linkera and Mystic Calm came to visit.

The Fegarians could like for thousands upon thousands of years slowly aging and staying in prime physical shape. They were, before Tiamano, ruled by both a Lord and a Lady alongside The Baron Four (the Lord’s bodyguards) and The Lioness’ Den (the Lady’s bodyguards).

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