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“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth…”

This scripture in the Bible meant that the heavens and the earth were created by God and therefore “holy creations”. However, other realms other than the Holy Realm. The reason why and how these Secondary Realms were created remains unknown.

The Secondary Realms were deemed unholy as are the inhabitants of these realms. The “purpose” of these beings are to follow the word of God (what the angels and demons called this being really named  The Creator). To follow this word theoretically meant that Secondaries could reach heaven and become “Holy”.

To become Holy meant to become human

One of the Secondary cultures that followed the word of God to the letter were the Giradians who lived in the realm of Giradia.

The Vintage One

The whole realm of Giradia is ruled by the “Vintage One” and his queen. The title of the Vintage One comes not only from the name of his ruling clan but also from the armor that King Umbrage used during his tenure as a member of “The Elite” (a three member team dedicated to stopping Chaos’ Legion of dark warriors). The Vintage clan has been the ruling clan since the beginning of Giradia’s civil years.

The Culture

Being holy was important to the regular Giradian. It was also very important to the Royal Family. It was so important that the king installed a Mystic to be liaison to the Royal Family.

The Giradian people have a special ability called “adjoination” (the ability use living human bodies as a way to extend their lives after death). that the other Secondary Beings do not have the ability to do.

A delicacy among the Giradians is…lead. The metal is very rare in the realm of Giradia and the Giradians must trade with other realms in order to receive the product. The way Giradians ingest lead is different from the normal way they usually eat with their mouths; they absorb it instead. They take the lead and push it into their skin( they can use any body part, including the head). This exercise causes a type of ripple effect to their bodies (the same effect as when a person throws a pebble into a still lake).

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