Secrit Tresh

Secrit Tresh is the Secondary Realm that is located through the Portanexus gate of Mars.

This Secondary Realm is the home of the Treshians, a race of humanoids with birdlike features. Some have more birdlike features than others, but that’s just due to random genetics than any other reason.

They live in domed cities surrounded by fields with tall grass and massive mountain ranges. The domed cities are connected by hard glass tubes that keep out a vicious animals called Trognicalt . These beasts resemble a nightmarish mixture of a rhino’s body combined with the speed and head of a freakish hyena. They have razor spines down their backsides that earned them the nickname “Razorbacks”.

The Treshian society is an amalgamation of classic Spanish cultures and architecture. They are ruled by the House of Vainglory, a benevolent family line. Their rule, known as Vainglory Model Law, is the closest thing the Secondary Realms have to Utopia.

Aside from the fact that there are rulers of course.

Both the Vainglory clan and their citizens are contest with their lifestyles as they have no interest in financial gain, just societal craftsmanship.

After the Portanexus opened up during the Utopia Lost Battle, they constructed the rules and regulations of trade law and political courtesy between the Secondary Realms. In tribute to the construction of an interrealm community, the “concord” is known as Vainglory Model Law( or VML for short).

This realm is also known as “The Sky Realm”.

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