Terra Casia

Terra Casia is the Secondary Realm that is located through the Portanexus gate of Mercury.

This Secondary Realm can be best described as a pleasure realm as it is very beautiful and surreal. This realm’s cultural designs are based of Egyptian (age of the Pharaohs) and African designs intertwined together.

The basic land geography is covered in desert with the exception that it is a very cool (as in temperature) world. The idea is that every aspect of this realm is comfortable.

High above the desert land (with its triangular buildings and pyramids, which are government buildings) is a dense sheet of clouds that cover and divide the lower skies and higher skies acting as a partition. Only the tops of the pyramids are able to peak above the cloud sheet. Finally, to top off the beautiful vista, the upper sky gives off a radiant Northern Lights-like glow that gives the sky the illusion of a watery texture.

There are two races who live in Terra Casia. Above the clouds live the Cait and below them live the Terrans.

Also known as “The Luxury Realm”.

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