Rochard’s Thoughts: Focus

It’s 1:06 am on July 23 and I’m here trying to figure out my next plan of action. For reasons I’ll explain in a later blog post, I’ve forced myself into a position where I HAVE to achieve my goal of making my universe, The Destiny Saga, a success. A person could argue that I have already achieved success artistically because I do have one book completed, which is more than some people can say. A lot of people never even start to pursue their dreams on any level because of reality.

Prince Torell Destine has a tendency to be indecisive because he feels that he may not be able to live up to the high standards his parents stood for. Can a person have a true sense of reality with thoughts like this?

Reality is a hard thing to conquer because of the mistakes most of us have made in our lives. I know I’ve made plenty of detours from the path of my true potential and it was nobody’s fault but my own. I’m a wiser man now but some of those mistakes are still with me and I don’t know exactly where my thoughts and feelings are taking me right now as I type this blog post.

Prince Rampage’s is focused completely on his fiancee, Silva Terrana. He has a bad habit of neglecting his duties as a leader because he is so infatuated with her. Does he love her…or the idea of her? What exactly is his perspective on things?

When you make mistakes in life, you start to question yourself, your family, your culture, and even your faith in things. I get scared that, because I know what I’m capable of, that I’m not going to achieve the reality that I know I can make happen. So my mind starts to wander to everything else except my destiny. My biggest flaw is a lack of focus and, in my Destiny Saga stories, that is something that I want to explore, that lack of focus that a lot of us have.

The angels and demons of The Destiny Saga that were sent to Earth were supposed to fight on the behalf of their respective masters… but they focus on their own desires for power instead. Is their deviation from their original goals a good thing?

The scary thing about life is that there’s no guarantee that if I work hard enough I’ll achieve my goal of being a successful writer. But I’ll have a way better chance of it by staying focused. That’s something I hope that works out in your favor. With all the struggles that we all go through in our individual paths, we all deserve a little victory that we can really focus on.

Karen Weathers got distracted from her destiny once…but she told the guy he was a jackass and moved on.

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