Karen Weathers: Confessions of a Linian Bodyguard/ Free PDF Download

“The is a free look at what the Destiny Saga is all about. I wanted to share with you a unique universe that you might want visit more often. Enjoy!”- Rochard Scott

I figured the best way to get The Destiny Saga out there is to give you a free taste of what I’m trying to go for artistically. As much as it’s a sci-fi/fantasy epic, it’s really about the people who struggle against their own weaknesses as well as their common enemy, a madman named Chaos.

By giving you this relatively quick interview with Karen Weathers, a very important  character in The Destiny Saga, I hope  that leads you to try out my first novel, The Destiny Saga: The Two Princes

It’s available for your Kindle and your Nook for only $3.

If you like what you see, please feel free to spread this free PDF like a positive virus! 

Please feel free to contact me at TheLinianLegacy1977@gmail.com for any questions you have, as well as exploring this website as well as The Book of Events website. Thank you for your time!

– Rochard Scott


Confessions of a Linian Bodyguard

If you need a PDF reader to read this, you can go here for a free Adobe Reader.

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