First Sketch of a Female Harmen

A Harmen female thoughtfully waiting for her story line to happen in "The Destiny Saga".

From The Book of Events:


Harmor Ari, the Secondary Realm that’s connected to Jupiter, is also known as “The Light Realm”. That Light Realm name comes from the fact that the Harmens, the inhabitants of Harmor Ari, are fist sized balls of blue light.

Unable to be understood by most of the other Secondary Beings (non humans) for a long time, they collaborated with the Netral to create organic bodies that resembled humans. But the closest that they could get to looking like humans was to have pale blue skin that gave them a deathly beauty that was enhanced by light blue veins that gave their harvested bodies a translucent look. The Harmens could enter and exit these bodies at any time, but they only used them when travelling to other realms.

Their blue skinned humanoid  bodies are placed in cemetery like areas which came off as a sort of tribute to humanity, while their “spirit” forms wandered around living in cities. The other Secondary Realms nicknamed them “Celestials” and “Visions” for their ethereal luminescence.

Their realm resembles the highlands of Scotland with lush forests and great, serene lakes. Their town architecture resembles a quasi futuristic India while their castles are old style Scottish mixed with feudal Japan.

The Harmens major source of income and main export is energy production. This realm is also known for producing great instruments, the most popular instrument being the flute like “tote”.

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