THE LOST CHILD (ver. 1.0- male form) a.k.a The Shapeshifter a.k.a. The Trickster

Father, Mother, Savior to the Wretched Ones,

the Eternally Lost and the Wickedly Fun,

called Wild by some, Passionate Lover to most

Parent to Chaos, Spiritually Corrupted Host

with his finger in the upright position extended,

She is the Lost Child, morals totally not recommended


The Lost One takes a deep breath and it speaks

to the fringes of Man, the ones labeled freaks,

geeks and the types the “social” call the Weak.

He laughs at proxy moronics of the idea of the Strong.

The path of mankind’ s destiny had been long

filled with the Strong molesting the values

considered admirable  while tasting dark, mind you.

And Lady Lost knew the mind of Man shifted

as  much as it gender bended and face lifted

up to reveal a sensational lack of direction

and to destroy society gave her a erection

stimulated by decay and erotic destruction

To turn away from the Boy was construction

towards the true world order, it had desired

of the achievement of entropy, he long admired…

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