From the Pages of Terrell Dest’s Diary #2

November 2nd, 1991

   Finally settling into high school. It took longer than I thought because of those damn dreams. I keep finding myself in the weirdest places. Like I was hiding out in Victorian Age England. WHAT THE HELL?!

   But the last one happened in September. FANTASTIC! So now I can focus on getting Mindy. I get the vibe that she likes me but I feel like she’s holding back for some reason. I hope that the rumor that Karen Weathers and I are dating isn’t the reason.

   I guess always hanging out with each other in middle school didn’t make things easier. I miss talking to her, but I feel like she’s connected to my freaky dreams in someway. When I write that thought out, it sounds stupid, but I can’t shake that it might be true. It’s like she knows me TOO well.


    But I hope that I can talk to her again without feeling weird. I don’t love her… but I don’t wanna lose her.

Note to myself: FOCUS ON MINDY!

Peace out.

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