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The First Sketch for “The Destiny Saga Book 3: Visions”

Any thoughts, questions or opinions, please post them below.Thanks! P.S. Destiny doesn’t wear a hat! Peace!  

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The Sadistic Harlequins and the “Devotion” Theme

I guess one of the major issues these days (at least in the personal sense) is whether or not the concept of monogamy is outdated. I think one of the most important parts of our society is this concept of Romantic Love. We all have our individual expectations of what we want in our significant […]

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The Mystics

   The last men from the long lost supercontinent of Pangaea just happened to be father and son. Mystic Calm and his son, Mystic Carious were holy men that became powerful warriors when they joined up with the founder of the Linians, Linkera.     But the death of Calm’s daughter, Seraph, affected the two men […]

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