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The Sun That Blazes

They tell me to run with it. My nose tells me to run with it. My dad always told me to never value anyone’s face until you’ve dug enough. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to become a journalist even though he lived his life for it. My memory was never the best; my childhood […]

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Born: October 7th, 1942

Push forward. Push forward. Push forward. Push forward. I don’t know what else to tell you. I could tell you about my Linian teachings. About how my family comes from a long line of royal protectors that take their duties very seriously. About how our enemy, Chaos, wants to free mankind from “the shackles of […]

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Born: June 17th, 1970

It’s not always about things making sense when it comes to people…but it helps. I wake up every morning thinking about how to make people realize purpose can always be found…but they just tell me to shut the hell up. That saying about horses and water makes sense the older I get. So I try […]

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